Bronze casting the old way

Illustrated Lecture: “Ancient techniques of bronze casting” With Mark Vyvyan-Penney from The Ancient Wessex Network

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Course start date: Friday 20th October

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Duration Day Date/Time Room Tutor
1 Day
6:30 pm - 9:00 pm
Lecture Theatre and Dutch Barn Mark Vyvyan-Penney


Bronze-casting has come a long way in the last 7000 years, it has developed in many places in the world and most of the bright ideas and innovations have been lost in history. All we have from those ancient cultures are the bronze artefacts that were left behind. Only the tool marks and casting mistakes are left, and these are clues that indicate how they were made. Most of the ancient techniques are a mystery.

The Ancient Wessex Network was formed about eight years ago, primarily to fill a niche in the heritage industry, but one of its core activities is to do experimental archaeology and research into the production of bronze artefacts using primitive technology. This lecture tells the story of how we have progressed from our original "Heath Robinson" type furnaces and lumpy bits of modern machinery, to sophisticated bag-bellows and elegant constructions of mud and sticks.

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